Eat Well

Make healthier habits and better choices a way of life

Stock Up


Here is a healthy eating tip that is simple as pie - but so much better for you!

Stock your kitchen so fruits and vegetables are easy to eat. If the foods are there and ready to grab, everyone is far more likely to get in their nine recommended servings of fruits and vegetables each day.

What to do?

  • Always have fresh, cut-up vegetables at the ready in your refrigerator. Keep them crisp in cold water and the odds are excellent they'll get gobbled up.
  • ​Keep it colorful — be sure there are always fruits and vegetables of at least three different colors in your kitchen to make it easier to get a variety of nutrients during the day and week.
  • Pack the freezer with choices too. Not only good in smoothies, frozen fruits can be great right-from-the-bag treats. Frozen vegetables are a super stand-in for fresh ones if you haven't been to the store or farmers' market.