Eat Well

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Special Weekday Dinners


Turn a regular weekday dinner into an occasion everyone will enjoy. And, kids, the more practice you get with table manners now, the more comfortable you'll be at social occasions (like weddings, interviews and business meals) when you head out into the real world!

Here are some basic rules:

Forks on the left, knives and spoons on the right. Green things up by using cloth napkins, folded next to the fork — till you sit, when it gets unfolded and put in your lap. Glasses go on the right, above the knife.

Eat Right:
If you're having bread or rolls, gently break off a piece to put into your mouth, bit by bit. When you eat soup, move the spoon away from you, to the other side of the dish, then lift to your mouth and sip (don't slurp!) from it. When you cut meat or vegetables, cut one piece and eat it — don't cut it all at once.

When You're Done:
Your spoon, knife and fork should rest on your plate, pointing to the center. And you should help clear the table and clean up — being helpful is a sign of excellent manners.

The more comfortable you are with table manners, the more comfortable people will be when dining with you.​