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Fun Ice Cubes


A tall glass of icy cold water can be a treat in itself, especially when it's hot out, but don't you sometimes want to drink something that's a little more fun? How about tossing in some funky ice cubes — to add a splash of color and taste?

Big-city restaurants launched this cool new trend:

Creative cubes in fun shapes, funky colors and infused with fruits, herbs and other flavors (like chocolate, vanilla and coconut).

You can buy ice-cube trays in fun shapes in lots of stores — check out your supermarket, big department stores and almost anywhere that sells kitchenware.

To add color, make cubes with bright-colored, healthy juices, such as pomegranate, blueberry or purple grape, add natural food coloring to regular old water, or drop in slivers of brightly colored fruit, like blueberries or slices of lemon, lime or orange peel.

To add flavor, run soft fruit (watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries and raspberries are great choices) through the blender and add a bit of water.​