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Milk Alternatives


Milk, the kind that comes from cows, can be a healthy drink, especially if you stick with skim. But some people don't like it — some can't digest it well (it's called being lactose intolerant) — and some people don't eat any animal products at all.

Here's a nutty way to switch things up!

Almond milk is the most popular, commonest kind of milk alternative but there are other kinds too — it can be made from Brazil, cashews, pecans and macadamia nuts as well. You can even make your own (look it up on the internet — takes about six hours and you will need a special, inexpensive filter for processing the liquid, which can be bought at a natural food store).

Almond milk, and other similar alternatives, taste sorta-kinda like cow milk but different too. It's thinner, lighter, sweeter and yes, it tastes nutty! These milks are lower in calories than cow's milk and are loaded with lots of vitamins and nutrients. They're yummy in smoothies, over cereal, for baking, and you can drink these milks straight up, just like a tall, cold glass of cow's milk!

Many supermarkets sell almond milk (at least — some have other kinds too) and you can also buy a variety of these milk alternatives at natural food stores. ​