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So Long Soda


Soda is not good for you (even diet) so it should be an occasional treat, and not part of your daily diet — it's just plain unhealthy. Why? Regular soda is made with the unhealthy sweetener high fructose corn syrup, it has too many calories and it contains preservatives, acid and other unhealthy ingredients. 

Diet soda may not contain calories but it is loaded with preservatives, chemicals and acid that is bad for you and your teeth too. Plus — it's expensive!

Try this strategy to wean yourself off soda drinking

Three-Step Soda Switch-out:

  • First step -- add more ice cubes to every soda you drink. It's a way to drink less without feeling deprived.
  • Next step, still using ice, dilute soda with soda water — you'll still have the flavor with the fizz.
  • Now try soda water with a bit of fruit juice ... this is a great healthy substitute.

Other good soda-switchers:

  • Water with a squeeze of lemon, lime, orange or grapefruit
  • Soda water with mint and lemon
  • Water with a slice of cucumber — refreshing!
  • Flavored carbonated water (have you tried vanilla?)
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Note to Parents:

To help your child visualize how much sugar is in just one sugar-sweetened soda, fill a plastic bag with 10 tablespoons of white sugar — yes, it really is that much!