Eat Well

Make healthier habits and better choices a way of life


Many studies over the past 20 years have shown that eating in a healthful way can improve memory and concentration, boost your creativity and problem-solving, lift your mood, and build overall health.

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    Beef Recipes

    You don’t have to ditch all burgers to eat healthy, and occasionally beefing up meals with these healthy dishes adds variety that is bursting with flavor.

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    Poultry Recipes

    Delicious chicken and turkey dishes created by Intermountain chefs offer a healthy way to spice up your meals.​

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    Pork Recipes

    Succulent and tender pork loin dishes created using tangy recipes with exotic ingredients such as orange marmalade and chipotle sauces.​

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    Seafood Recipes

    Delicious seafood dishes are full of flavor and loaded with healthy nutrients, created by Intermountain chefs.

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    Vegetarian Recipes

    Several tasty vegetarian dishes that provide lots of healthy nutrients in a variety of meal options sure to please the palate.​​