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Seafood Recipes

Delicious seafood dishes are full of flavor and loaded with healthy nutrients, created by Intermountain chefs.

  • clamfettuccinethumb

    Artichoke Red Clam Sauce

    Fettuccine with artichoke and red clam sauce is a modern take on an Italian classic that is loaded with plenty of flavor, served with a delicious side of mixed vegetables and bell pepper.

  • codveracruzthumb

    Cod Vera Cruz

    Bring the Mexican seacoast home in delicious cod topped with sautéed vegetables and swiss chard, bringing the whole meal together.

  • shrimpedamamethumb

    Edamame with Shrimp

    Layers of great flavor combine protein-rich edamame, shrimp, sautéed vegetables, and a touch of bacon with jalapeño peppers give this meal a spicy kick.

  • salmonlemonpepperthumb

    Lemon Pepper Salmon

    Lemon pepper salmon over penne pasta and served with roasted asparagus is a super simple and savory dinner that is both guilt-free and healthy.

  • mahimahicucumbersalsathumb

    Mahi Mahi with Salsa

    The mild-flavored mahi mahi fish is spiced up in this recipe with a fresh cucumber salsa and flavorful turmeric rice.

  • codorangethumb

    Orange Cod with Walnuts

    Citrus-tinged cod with walnuts offers a flaky texture and a perfect crunch with fresh sautéed vegetables that create a fresh blend of light and zesty flavors.​

  • shrimpquinoathumb

    Shrimp with Quinoa Salad

    Rich with color and texture, this tasty shrimp and quinoa salad has a wonderful seafood flare that combines with a zesty citrus flavor on a bed of greens.