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Smiling is Better


Some days are better than others, but don't focus on what's wrong with your life or get stuck on the things you don't like so much about yourself that you aren't so happy with.

Did you know that you can actually make yourself happier and healthier by smiling more often?

You can make life better for other people too, because smiling is contagious. Research studies have found many connections between how often and how widely people smile and good health and (of course) happiness.

Seriously! One study measured how widely kids smiled in their yearbook photos — 30 years later, researchers checked back with them and found that the ones with the biggest smiles were more likely to have good lives and happier marriages!

And here's another cool study — researchers used baseball cards to measure smiles of Major League ball players in the 1950s, finding that those with great, big, happy smiles lived seven years longer, on average.

More reasons to smile: It spreads happiness, being with people who smile makes others smile too. Smiling lowers blood pressure and also reduces levels of your stress hormones, and smiling gives your brain's reward center a boost too (one study reported it was 2000 times greater than eating a chocolate bar).​