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Talking About Weight


If your weight is an issue, it can be hard to know where to start to fix the problem. And it can be difficult to talk about too. It may be tough to admit that you feel down and embarrassed. And it is also hard to know how to ask people in your life to be supportive.

Here's something you probably never thought of

When it comes to helping you feel good, you are the expert! If you can communicate what you find helpful and what you find hurtful, your relationships will be better — and you'll all be happier.

Think about the following questions and find a time to discuss your feelings about them with your family and friends. These can help get the conversation started:

  • What compliments mean the most to you?
  • What makes you feel good and encouraged?
  • Is there something you wish people would tell you?
  • What's the most helpful way to remind you to think about what you are eating, to watch calories, and to exercise?
  • What is the least helpful?

Note to Parents:
This is one of the most important conversations you can have with your child. Really focus on what you hear and make a point to use this information in a loving and supportive way without going overboard. When it comes to talking about touchy topics like weight, a light touch is best!​​​