Move Well

Increase physical activity and set goals to enjoy a better life

Increase Your Activity

Everyone needs regular physical activity — regardless of their shape, size, health, or age. Here's what's in it for you:

  • Better energy
  • Stronger muscles
  • Less stress
  • Easier weight management
  • Less chance of heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, and other illnesses
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    Dance Like the Stars

    One form of exercise that almost everyone enjoys is dancing, and these tips provide some ideas on how to work dancing into your day.​​

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    Dive Into a Workout

    When you swim or even just horse around in a swimming pool, it is easy to sneak in some extra exercise benefits, since your muscles have to work harder to move in water.​​

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    Exercise Together

    Find several different activities you enjoy and a bunch of different people to do them with — you'll enjoy the activity more and do it more often if you find a buddy. ​​

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    Go for the Goal

    Setting a goal you care about can help you fight excuses as you work toward accomplishing something, like making the soccer team or dusting friends and family in an upcoming road race.​​

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    Hit the Stairs

    Getting some physical activity in your day doesn't have to mean going to the gym — you can add movement to your day by climbing stairs every chance you get.​

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    Hula Hooping is Fun

    Using your hips to spin the hoop is not only a super effective (and super fun!) abdominal exercise, but it's also a great overall cardio workout.​​

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    Ideas to Make it Happen

    Ideas to help you become more physically active to improve your fitness, energy, and quality of life.

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    Stretch to Better Sleep

    You can do simple yoga that gives you some good stretches. Any and all physical activity is healthy, and a yoga stretch is a great way to ease your way into sleep at night.​

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    Take a Hike

    No matter where you live, it's probably not all that far from a park, nature preserve, or some other area where you can take a rigorous walk, so head out and call it a hike!​