Move Well

Increase physical activity and set goals to enjoy a better life

Go for the Goal


Face it, exercising just because you know you should is not all that exciting, motivating or interesting, and it can feel like a chore and a bore. That makes it all too easy to come up with excellent excuses why it may be okay to take today off — which turns into tomorrow and the next day too.

Setting a goal you care about can help you fight the excuses. If you are working toward accomplishing something that matters to you — like making the soccer, softball or football team or dusting friends or family at an upcoming road race — you'll do better at pushing yourself at times when you just don't feel like getting out there. It's easier to get yourself working hard because: a) you're excited about your challenge, and b) it's awful to let yourself down.

Some tips on setting and achieving goals:

  • Be realistic.
    Don't decide you're going to win the state gymnastics championship if you don't know how to do a cartwheel.

  • Be specific.
    "I'm going to be a great runner" isn't motivating because it's too vague and there's nothing to work toward — "I'm going to be able to run three miles by the end of the summer" may be within your reach.

  • Track your progress.
    Keep a log or use an app to monitor yourself on your way to achieving your goal.

  • Talk it up.
    Tell friends and family — they'll give support and praise, plus you'll hate the idea of having to admit you dropped the ball.

  • Picture yourself succeeding.
    This is the best reward of all!