Move Well

Increase physical activity and set goals to enjoy a better life

Rules for After School


Three things you should do after school and before you play video games or watch TV, or start video-chatting with your pals:

1. Something, anything physical. After a long day (right?) of sitting and paying attention, your body needs to get a move on!


  • Walking home from the bus is a good start but don't stop there.
  • Walk the dog (he needs exercise too!), go for a jog, jump rope or just head outdoors to clear your head and get some healthy exercise.
  • Even if you have sports practice in the afternoon or evening, it's good to take a few minutes after school to reboot your brain.


2. Check in with your family. Whether by phone or in person, mom or dad want to know how your day went — what was good, not so good, what homework you have, what projects you might need help with. Also a good idea — offer to do some chores or get dinner started!

3. Your homework. Don't put it off 'till just before bedtime — that's so not cool. Get the day's work done so you can enjoy the evening with no worries. Start with the hardest part so you get that behind you — you'll feel good when it's done!​