Move Well

Increase physical activity and set goals to enjoy a better life

Simple Healthy Escape


It's understandable to want to watch TV to get away from your real life and its pressures and demands — everyone needs to escape sometimes and it's actually healthy and good for you to spend some time being alone, thinking about things by yourself.

Reading is a great way to do this, of course — you've heard that before, right?

But there is another option too, which is listening to audio books, and the cool thing is that you can do this on your MP3 player. You can download books from all the same places you go to get your music and there's loads more to choose from than you'd ever guess! Whatever you like, you'll find some great titles including comedy, fiction, real-life inspirational stories and more.

You don't have to do it alone, either: Listening to audiobooks can be a good family activity — for instance, while you are making dinner together or traveling by car.

Great for exercise: If you like to use exercise equipment, like a treadmill or stair-climber, an audiobook can help the time fly so you don't even notice how long you've been going.

For "chillin'" too! And if you like to take long walks or just sit outdoors enjoying the sunshine (wear sunscreen!) audiobooks can take you to all sorts of exciting places.​