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Watch TV Like a Critic


No one likes to think of themselves as "critical" but when you're watching TV it is actually a good way to be as it helps remind you, you're viewing a fantasy. It is not realistic to expect that you — or your life — will look like what you watch on TV.

Here are some things to be aware of, consider and talk about with your friends and family when you are watching television together:

All commercials except public service ads have one goal — to sell you stuff! If people look happy, beautiful and skinny, it's because the sellers want you to believe that you, too, will look that way if you buy their product. WHAT TO DO: When you see a commercial, ask yourself — what's the game here? What's for sale? What do they want me to believe?

Sitcoms, dramas and even movies are all about the story. There is an army of writers, actors and directors making things happen according to a script. Real life is never so neat and tidy! WHAT TO DO: When you watch a family or friends work through a difficult experience in a half-hour show, ask yourself 'how did they do that?' Maybe you can learn some problem-solving skills or good language to use when talking about problems — but don't feel disappointed if you, your friends or family, can't make it work so well or so fast!

Reality shows aren't real — it's that simple. Yes, there is a group of people going through something together and there are multiple cameras to catch it all. But don't forget that there are miles of video you don't ever get to see, and a director stopping and starting the action and telling people what to do and say.

What to do: Catch yourself before you fall into the trap of thinking that this is how life is — it simply isn't!​