Move Well

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Your Best Friend


Dogs are dog-gone cute, aren't they? If you are lucky enough to have a dog (or several) you have a built-in buddy — someone to play with, talk to, wrestle or walk with, no matter what. 

Dogs provide a great distraction and motivation to go outside and get moving. They need exercise as much as you do...and practically everything is more fun with a dog at your side. And there's another thing too — if you're having a bad day, you can always count on your dog to make you smile.

Some fun things to do with your dog:

  • Walk, run, or go for a hike
  • Play ball in the park
  • Dance around the house
  • Cuddle and take a nap
  • Wrestle
  • Just be together

But what if you live in a no-pet household — and no matter how much you beg, you know that rule's not going to change? There are still lots of ways you can incorporate dogs into your life.

For instance, have you ever considered ... volunteering at a local animal shelter? Not only do they need help caring for the animals, but shelters may also welcome your assistance at special events, with fundraising or raising awareness or publicity.

Helping others take care of their dogs? If you have elderly neighbors or relatives, you'd be doing them a service by helping them with feeding, buying dog food or going over to play so the animal gets some exercise.

Starting a business? If you have neighbors with dogs, they may want or need help with dog-walking or dog-sitting.​