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Easy Hikes

These easy hikes are a great activity for families or those looking for a nice jaunt through nature. These hikes are suitable for children and adults of all skill levels*.

  • anasazi-ridge-md-1

    Anasazi Ridge

    This easy trail visits ruins of a pre-historic farmstead before arriving at an area rich with fascinating ancient rock art.

  • 26aztecbuttethumb

    Aztec Butte

    Located in the heart of Canyonlands National Park, the Aztec Butte trail offers fantastic views and the unique opportunity to visit ancient ruins.

  • 03battlecreekfallsthumb

    Battle Creek Falls

    The Battle Creek Trail is a great family hike to a beautiful 50-foot waterfall in the foothills above Pleasant Grove. While the hike is short, it still packs some punch, gaining over 430 feet in just over a half mile.

  • 04birdsongtrailthumb

    Birdsong Trail

    The Birdsong Trail is a great beginner hike through an urban wilderness complete with dense forest, springs, a pond, and wildlife.

  • black-dragon-wash-md-1-squared

    Black Dragon Wash

    Black Dragon Wash cuts through the San Rafael Reef just north of I-70 and features an ancient rock art panel depicting an impressive dragon-like creature, amongst other figures.

  • bristlecone-loop-md-21-squared

    Bristlecone Loop

    This classic Bryce Canyon hike features ancient Bristlecone Pine trees and expansive views from the southern edge of Bryce Canyon National Park.

  • brokentapestrythumb

    Broken Arch Loop

    The Broken Arch Loop is a great family-friendly loop hike to two beautiful arches in the heart of Arches National Park.

  • brooks-nature-trail-md-10

    Brooks Nature Park

    Brook’s Nature Park is a great family friendly trail for hikers of all skill levels. This short hike features interpretive signage, a pond, plenty of shade, and the ability to lengthen the hike as desired.

  • buffalo-peak-md-2

    Buffalo Peak

    This great family-friendly summit trail offers hikers the kind of scenery you might expect from a more difficult hike, but with the effort of an easy, one mile out and back.

  • buffalo-point-md-2

    Buffalo Point

    The Buffalo Point trail is a great introductory hike at beautiful Antelope Island State Park. Wildlife sightings and panoramic views of the Great Salt Lake are the highlights of this short hike.

  • butler-wash-ruins-md-9-squared

    Butler Wash Ruins

    This one-mile round trip hike visits an overlook of the impressive Butler Wash Ruins. Ancestral Puebloans once inhabited this intricate ruin site more than 700 years ago.

  • 05butterflytrailthumb

    Butterfly Trail

    The Butterfly Trail is a great introduction to the diverse scenery of Snow Canyon State Park. Highlights include petrified sand dunes, an open lava tube, and a scenic overlook.

  • catherine-pass-md-1

    Catherine Pass

    The Catherine Pass Trail features fields of colorful wildflowers and fantastic views as it climbs through Albion Basin to the pass dividing Little and Big Cottonwood Canyons.

  • cave-spring-md-4-squared

    Cave Spring

    This great Canyonlands loop hike offers big adventure in a relatively short distance. Highlights include an old cowboy camp, caves, ladders, and signs of ancient inhabitants.

  • cecret-lake-md-1

    Cecret Lake

    This family-friendly hike passes through fields of beautiful wildflowers before arriving at a scenic lake nestled high in Albion Basin at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon.

  • colonnade-md-1-squared

    Colonnade Arch

    This hike features incredible views of Canyonlands National Park, the La Sal Mountains, and the Green River along the way to a unique and lofty arch perched high on the rim of Labyrinth Canyon.

  • 50cottonwoodnarrowsthumb

    Cottonwood Narrows

    The Cottonwood Narrows is a beautiful slot canyon hike through a narrow section of Cottonwood Canyon in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.

  • crestwood-trail-md-1-squared

    Crestwood Trail

    This scenic one-mile loop trail follows the banks of Little Cottonwood Creek through an outstanding natural area with splendid views of the Wasatch Mountains.

  • 31crystallakethumb

    Crystal Lake

    Situated high in the rugged Uinta Mountains, Crystal Lake is an easy walk for hikers just looking to get out and enjoy the scenery without too much effort.

  • deuel-creek-south-md-1

    Deuel Creek South

    Deuel Creek South is a great, family-friendly hike in Centerville Canyon, featuring numerous small waterfalls and plenty of shade on a hot summer day.

  • dimpledellthumb

    Dimple Dell Nature Park

    Dimple Dell Park offers a variety of hiking trails through more than 600 acres of serene, natural landscape in the heart of a bustling urban area.

  • donut-falls-md-4

    Donut Falls

    Donut Falls is one of the most popular hikes in the Salt Lake area, and for good reason. In just 1.5 miles round trip, hikers are treated to a beautiful alpine forest before arriving at a breathtaking waterfall with a unique donut hole formation near the top.

  • double-arch-md-1-squared

    Double Arch

    This easy family-friendly hike visits the iconic Double Arch in Arches National Park. At just one half-mile round trip and with almost no elevation change, this hike is perfect for children and adults of all skill levels.

  • east-mountain-wilderness-md-4

    East Mountain Wilderness Park

    East Mountain Wilderness Park is an easy hike through the foothills above Kaysville. This 1.7-mile loop trail is popular with hikers and bikers as it winds through a scrub oak forest with views of the Wasatch Mountains and the Kaysville area.

  • 23emeraldpoolsthumb

    Emerald Pools

    With soaring walls, deep pools, waterfalls, and hanging gardens, The Emerald Pools Trail is a Zion classic and one of the best family friendly hikes in all of Zion National Park.

  • 07ensignpeakthumb

    Ensign Peak

    The Ensign Peak hike is great for families with expansive views and rich historical significance to the Salt Lake Valley.

  • ford-canyon-md-3

    Ford Canyon Trail

    The Ford Canyon Trail is a fantastic, kid-friendly hike through a picturesque canyon in the heart of Centerville, Utah.

  • ghost-falls-md-1

    Ghost Falls

    Ghost Falls is great family-friendly hike located in the Corner Canyon area, east of Draper, Utah.

  • gibs-loop-md-4

    Gib's Loop

    Gib’s Loop is a nice hiking and biking trail in the foothills above Ogden. When combined with a short walk on city streets, this route creates an easy 3.0-mile loop.

  • goblin-valley-md-2

    Goblin Valley

    Goblin Valley provides visitors a unique hiking experience, offering unlimited route options through several valleys filled with thousands of fascinating sandstone hoodoos.

  • goosenecks-point-md-7-squared

    Goosenecks Trail

    This short trail leads to a dramatic overlook of the sinuous goosenecks of Sulphur Creek Canyon.

  • grand-view-point-md-1-squared

    Grand View Point

    This trail follows the soaring rim of Grand View Point. Sitting thousands of feet above the rest of Canyonlands National Park, it offers one of the finest views Utah.

  • grott-falls-trail-md-41-squared

    Grotto Falls Trail

    This family-friendly trail visits a small waterfall along the Nebo Loop Road. With several fun log bridges and plenty of water to play in, this trail is sure to be a hit for children of all ages.

  • hellroaring-lake-md-2

    Hell Roaring Lake

    Hell Roaring Lake is a great wilderness experience for hikers of all skill levels. The 10-mile roundtrip hike is surprisingly easy thanks to the nicely maintained trail and very gradual elevation gain.

  • hidden-splendor-md-1-squared

    Hidden Splendor

    This hike follows the banks of Muddy Creek to the site of the old Hidden Splendor Mine in the heart of the San Rafael Swell.

  • hite-overlook-md-1-squared

    Hite Overlook

    This short hike follows the rim of Glen Canyon and offers stunning panoramic views of Glen Canyon, the Colorado River, Lake Powell, and Hite, Utah.

  • horseshoe-bend-md-1-squared

    Horseshoe Bend Overlook

    This short Lake Powell area hike visits one of the most iconic views of the southwest; a great bend in the Colorado River known as Horseshoe Bend.

  • huber-wash-md-3

    Huber Wash

    Huber Wash is a nice day hike in the less-visited southwest desert area of Zion National Park. The highlight of this hike is the abundant petrified wood formations found along the way.

  • iceberg-canyon-md-11-squared

    Iceberg Canyon

    This interesting Lake Powell hike visits an awe-inspiring alcove and spring in one of the more popular areas of the lake.

  • 24jennyscanyonthumb

    Jenny's Canyon

    Jenny’s Canyon is a short family friendly hike into a narrow slot canyon in beautiful Snow Canyon State Park.

  • kodachrome-nature-trail-md-11-squared

    Kodachrome Nature Trail

    This easy Kodachrome Basin hike is a great introduction to the area and a primer for some of the longer hikes this unique State Park has to offer.

  • lake-solitude-md-1

    Lake Solitude

    Lake Solitude is an excellent summer hiking destination to a serene alpine lake near the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon.

  • limber-pine-md-1

    Limber Pine

    This highlight of this fantastic 1.2 mile loop hike is a visit to an ancient cluster of Limber Pine trees estimated to be more than 2,560 years old.

  • lisa-falls-md-51-squared

    Lisa Falls

    This short but sweet trail takes hikers to Lisa Falls – a scenic waterfall in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

  • little-egypt-md-2-squared

    Little Egypt

    The Little Egypt Geologic Area features countless sandstone hoodoos in a wild variety of whimsical shapes and sizes. A stroll through this fantastical area will make you feel like you’re on a different planet.

  • lowerbellscanyonthumb

    Lower Bell Canyon Reservoir

    Lower Bell Canyon Reservoir is fun family hike and a great way to get a little exercise at any time of the year.

  • matheson-nature-preserve-md-1-squared

    Matheson Nature Preserve

    The Scott M. Matheson Nature Preserve and Governor’s Grove offers a scenic one-mile walk through a natural sage grassland, high on the east bench of Salt Lake City.

  • 11mesaarchthumb

    Mesa Arch

    Few places capture the beauty and character of an entire region quite like Mesa Arch. Perched at the top of a 1,000-foot cliff with grand views of Canyonlands National Park, this short hike is sure to please.

  • mossy-cave-md-51-squared

    Mossy Cave

    This unique Bryce Canyon hike follows a flowing stream past colorful rock formations and a waterfall before ending at its namesake, Mossy Cave.

  • 16notchlakethumb

    Notch Lake

    This easy trail goes downhill for much of its 2.3 mile length to the shore of beautiful Notch Lake, making it ideal for children and beginners.

  • owachomo-bridge-md-1-squared

    Owachomo Bridge

    Owachomo Bridge is a great introductory hike to exploring Natural Bridges National Monument. This short trail provides quick access to an impressive natural bridge with a span of 180 feet.

  • owens-loop-md-2

    Owen's Loop

    Owen’s Loop Trail is a classic St. George area hike perfect for the whole family. This hike follows the edge of the cliffs above downtown St. George, offering panoramic views of the city and surrounding areas.

  • panorama-point-md-10-squared

    Panorama Point

    This short family-friendly trail takes visitors to a viewpoint featuring a 360-degree panoramic vista near the west entrance of Capitol Reef National Park.

  • 19parleysparkthumb

    Parleys Historic Nature Park

    Parley’s Historic Nature Park features historic points of interest, an abundance of beautiful scenery, and plenty of room to run and play, making it a sure hit with kids and dogs alike.

  • pineview-trail-md-3

    Pineview West Trail

    The Pineview West Trail follows the shoreline of Pineview Reservoir for 3.1 miles, offering hikers a mix of dense forest, lush wetlands, and panoramic views of the reservoir and surrounding mountains.

  • pioneer-park-md-9

    Pioneer Park

    With endless sandstone to climb and play on, combined with unique attractions like Boy Scout Cave and Dixie Rock, Pioneer Park is a great destination for everyone in the family.

  • pioneer-rim-md-1

    Pioneer Rim Trail

    The Pioneer Rim Trail traverses the hills along Red Hills Parkway, offering visitors panoramic views of St. George and the surrounding area.

  • pothole-point-md-7-squared

    Pothole Point

    This easy loop trail visits a slickrock area dotted with thousands of depressions known as potholes. After rain falls, these potholes hold water, enabling a unique desert ecosystem to spring to life.

  • rainbow-bridge-md-1-squared

    Rainbow Bridge

    With a span of 275 feet, Rainbow Bridge is one of the largest known natural bridges in the world. The route described here is from Lake Powell, making a boat or tour boat shuttle a necessity.

  • 21redreeftrailthumb

    Red Reef Trail

    With waterfalls, swimming holes, and ancient pictographs, it’s no surprise that the Red Reef Trail is one of the most popular hikes in the St. George area.

  • roadside-ruin-md-6-squared

    Roadside Ruin

    This short family-friendly loop hike visits an Ancestral Puebloan granary, a small structure once used for food storage by prehistoric cultures.

  • rocky-mouth-md-7

    Rocky Mouth Falls

    Rocky Mouth Falls is a fantastic family-friendly hike to a beautiful 70-foot waterfall on the southeast side of the Salt Lake Valley.

  • 14ruthlakethumb

    Ruth Lake

    Ruth Lake is the perfect introductory trail for anyone interested in hiking the High Uintas. This hike is easy and family friendly, offering fantastic alpine scenery with relatively little effort.

  • sand-dune-arch-md-7-squared

    Sand Dune Arch

    The short but worthwhile hike to Sand Dune Arch is sure to be a hit with kids. A brief stroll leads to a hidden arch, which is nestled in between tall sandstone fins and fully surrounded by soft sand, providing hours of fun for kids and adults alike.

  • slickrock-trail-md-6-squared

    Slickrock Foot Trail

    The Slickrock Foot Trail is an excellent trail to help hone your desert hiking and navigation skills before moving on to more difficult hikes in The Needles District of Canyonlands National Park.

  • smith-fork-md-61-squared

    Smith Fork Canyon

    This Lake Powell hike follows a flowing stream through a beautiful desert canyon and into a spectacular slot canyon.

  • stairs-gulch-md-1

    Stairs Gulch Waterfalls

    This short but somewhat strenuous hike takes hikers to a long series of picturesque waterfalls cascading down lower Stairs Gulch in beautiful Big Cottonwood Canyon.

  • 46strikevalleyoverlookthumb

    Strike Valley Overlook

    The Strike Valley Overlook is an awe-inspiring viewpoint in a remote corner of Capitol Reef National Park that offers expansive views of a fascinating geologic formation known as the Waterpocket Fold.

  • sunset-point-md-4-squared

    Sunset Point

    This short Capitol Reef hike takes visitors to a panoramic viewpoint of Sulphur Creek, Capitol Reef National Park, and the distant Henry Mountains.

  • 47thewindowstrailthumb

    The Windows Trail

    The Windows Trail is a short, family-friendly hike featuring three massive stone arches in the heart of Arches National Park.

  • tony-grove-md-1

    Tony Grove Nature Trail

    The Tony Grove Nature Trail is a 1.2-mile loop around scenic Tony Grove Lake in Logan Canyon.

  • towerarchthumb

    Tower Arch

    The Tower Arch trail is a great family hike to a large natural arch in the remote Klondike Bluffs area of Arches National Park.

  • twin-lakes-md-1

    Twin Lakes

    The Twin Lakes Trail is one of a handful of great family-friendly hikes in the Silver Lake area of Big Cottonwood Canyon.

  • uneva-canyon-md-2-squared

    Uneva Canyon

    This hike takes visitors into the heart of the San Rafael Reef, and features unique, upturned geologic layers and the ruins of an old uranium mine.

  • valley-regional-park-md-1-squared

    Valley Regional Park

    Valley Regional Park offers more than two miles of paved trails including a 1.4-mile outer loop through a mix of groomed grass and natural areas.

  • whale-rock-md-1-squared

    Whale Rock

    This short family-friendly hike visits the top of a massive sandstone dome that resembles a whale. From the top, hikers are treated to panoramic views of the Island in the Sky District of Canyonlands National Park.

  • white-rim-overlook-md-1-squared

    White Rim Overlook

    This easy trail accesses the end of a narrow and lofty mesa, offering one of the finest panoramic vistas in all of Canyonlands National Park.

  • wildhorsewindowthumb

    Wild Horse Window

    Wild Horse Window is a beautiful natural bridge situated in the ceiling of a grand alcove, just minutes north of popular Goblin Valley State Park.

  • willow-heights-md-1

    Willow Heights

    Willow Heights is a beautiful hike through a serene aspen forest that leads to a small, picturesque lake nestled high in the Wasatch Mountains.

  • wiregrass-md-5-squared

    Wiregrass Canyon

    This Glen Canyon area hike features an intriguing natural bridge and a beautiful narrow slot canyon that courses through unique white sandstone walls.

  • yant-flat-md-1-squared

    Yant Flat

    This family-friendly hike features mesmerizing waves of multi-colored sandstone sure to please photographers and children alike.

  • yellow-knolls-md-2

    Yellow Knolls

    This classic St. George area hike takes hikers on a fascinating journey through the geologic diversity of the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area.