Featured Services


Heart Care

At Alta View Hospital, our heart experts focus on the diagnosis and care of heart disease.

A male physician consults a pregnant patient sitting in an exam chair

Women and Newborn Care

We have both the technology and staff necessary to provide top quality diagnostic and treatment services.


Emergency Services and Trauma Care

The Alta View Hospital Emergency Department is a full-service community ER serving more than 31,000 patients annually.


Endoscopy and Colonoscopy

We specialize in providing a wide range of digestive health services.

Imaging Services

Our imaging department, sometimes called Radiology, offers a wide range of advanced diagnostic services to ensure an accurate diagnosis. 


Physical Therapy Services

Our therapy staff offers a wide range of physical therapy services to help you regain motion, function and strength so that you can quickly recover from your injury. 

All Services, Treatments, and Detection Methods

Cancer Care

We use advanced technology to treat a variety of cancers.


A cataract is a clouding or opaque area over the lens of the eye.

Diabetic Eye Disease

Diabetic eye disease includes a group of diabetes-related eye problems.

Ear Nose and Throat

Our ENT doctors treat ear infections, hearing loss, and other disorders.


Endometriosis is when tissue that normally lines the inside of the uterus grows outside the uterus.

Eye Care

We provide a variety of eye care services, including eye exams and screening.

Eye Exams

An eye doctor determines the health of your eyes during an eye exam.

Gastrointestinal Surgery

Gastrointestinal surgery refers to surgical procedures of the digestive system.

General Women's Health

General women's health services include wellness, gynecological, and breast services.

Genital Surgery

Genital surgery is performed on the genitalia.


Glaucoma is a condition where the normal fluid pressure inside the eyes rises.

Gynecological Cancer

Gynecologic cancers are the spread of abnormal cells in the female reproductive organs.

Imaging Services

Imaging services include Ultrasound, X-ray, and many other imaging technologies.

Loss of Vision

Loss of Vision is the absence of vision where it existed before.

Low Vision

Low vision is a loss of eyesight that makes it hard to do everyday tasks.

Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration occurs when the central portion of the retina deteriorates.


A mammogram is an X-ray of the breast used to detect and diagnose breast disease.

Menopause Care

Menopause care services help patients manage symptoms of menopause.

Optic Neuritis

Optic neuritis is a condition that affects the eye and your vision.


Osteoporosis is characterized by bone mass loss and bone tissue destruction.


Pediatricians work with healthcare professionals to provide for the needs of children.

Refractive Errors

Refractive errors occur when eye shape prevents light from focusing on the retina.

Rehabilitation (Pediatric)

Rehabilitation aims to restore functional ability and quality of life.

Retinal Disorders

Retinal disorders affect the retinal tissue and can affect vision.


Rheumatic diseases may cause joint pain, stiffness, and swelling.

Speech Pathology

Speech pathology is the study and treatment of speech and language problems.

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy helps people of all ages with different speech and language disorders.

Surgical Services (Pediatric)

Surgery is the treatment of disorders by direct physical intervention.

Uterine Cancer

Uterine cancer is a disease in which cancer cells form in the uteris.

Women's Health

Women's health services include women and newborn, gynecology, and reproductive medicine.