The Intermountain Difference

What Sets Us Apart

We provide surgical and non-surgical care for your bones, tendons, ligaments, and muscles. From sports injuries to foot pain to a total joint replacement, our team will help you understand your condition, choose the best treatment option, and recover fully.

Collaborative Approach

Our providers work together on cases & treatment options, leading to exceptional outcomes.

Empowering Education

We want you to understand your options. We involve you in all care decisions.

Quality Care

Our providers are some of the best & our programs routinely surpass national benchmarks.

Conditions We Treat

Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Conditions, Treatments, & Services

Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

A Care Team Centered Around You


Your Provider plays a key role in your journey.

An orthopedics provider can be a primary care physician, a sports medicine physician, a podiatrist, or an orthopedic surgeon. A provider will lead your care team.

Advanced Practice Provider (APP)

Your Advanced Practice Provider (APP) plays a key role in your journey.

An APP is usually a Physician’s Assistant or Nurse Practitioner. Their role is to help support your provider in diagnosing and managing your care.

Physical Therapist

Your Physical Therapist plays a key role in your journey.

A physical therapist can help evaluate your condition and guide you in exercises to help your recovery. Physical therapy is common after surgeries and is usually done in a clinical setting.

Athletic Trainer

Your Athletic Trainer plays a key role in your journey.

An athletic trainer helps support a sports medicine or primary care physician with your care. They can also give you informal home exercises to do to help manage your condition.

Total Joint Coordinator

Your Total Joint Coordinator plays a key role in your journey.

A Total Joint Coordinator is a nurse who guides you through the process of a total joint replacement. They make sure you have the education and information you need before surgery, and follow up with you after surgery to make sure you recover fully.

Expanded Care

Intermountain Healthcare offers expanded services outside the hospital including Telehealth, Genomics, and Homecare. Within Intermountain’s continuum of care, these services play a key role in allowing patients to receive the best care possible in a variety of settings and circumstances.


High quality care for patients, no matter where they are.

Bringing Specialists to our Community

We use telehealth technology to bring specialty knowledge to clinical teams, and provide access to care when, where, and how our patients need it.  

Keeping Patients Close to Home

Intermountain Telehealth brings Intermountain’s world-class experts to patients, no matter where they are, so they can receive the right care, in the right place, at the right time.

For Healthcare Professionals

We take a personalized approach for every patient and activity level and we include the patient in the decision making process. What’s more, we follow evidence-based guidelines for treatment. That means we don’t offer services that don’t add value but only add cost.