Bear River Valley Hospital is happy to provide a variety of amenities to make your experience with us a smooth and pleasant one.

Cashier's Office

Patients and guests can pay their hospital bills at the Cashier’s office.

Located in the Business office near the front of the hospital

Weekdays: 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Hospital Security

Your security while in the hospital is very important to us. If you have questions or concerns about security, please talk to a nurse. Nurses can answer your questions and help you get in touch with the on-duty security officer, if needed.

Lost & Found

If you have lost an item in the hospital, talk to a nurse, who will help you check the Lost & Found.

Staying Connected

Your room offers a telephone, television. The telephone and a television remote are by your bedside. To dial outside the hospital, first press “9.” You can make long distance calls using a calling card. If you need help with your phone, please ask your nurse or care giver. You are also welcome to use your cell phone in all areas of the hospital except for operating rooms or for patient rooms in critical care and emergency departments.