Administrative Team

Our team of leaders at Bear River Valley Hospital strive to help people in the Bear River Valley live the healthiest lives possible by providing community-based care at an affordable cost.

  • Brandon Vonk - Administrator
  • Brett Nance, DO - Medical Director
  • James Montgomery - Nurse Administrator
  • Sharon Perkins - Executive Secretary – Administration
  • Jill Howard - Executive Secretary – Administration
  • Jeanette Braithwaite - Human Resources Manager
  • Natalie Oliverson - Patient Experience Manager
  • Kerry Johnson - Ancillary Services Manager
  • Chad Hunt - Marketing and Communications Specialist

Governing Board

The governing body of Bear River Valley Hospital is the Board of Trustees, which consists of local volunteers, who serve in an advisory role to direct our facility. These trustees ensure that Bear River Valley Hospital responds to the needs of the community by making recommendations to the hospital administrator and to corporate management. They are dedicated to Intermountain Healthcare's goal to provide low-cost, universal access and high-quality health care.

  • Jeff Bonham
  • Norman Fukui
  • Kevin Murphy, MD
  • Brett Nance, DO, Medical Director
  • Jana Nish, Chair
  • Victor Solano
  • Julie Stokes
  • Stan Summers
  • Brandon Vonk, Secretary
Bear River Valley Hospital is a proud member of the Box Elder Chamber of Commerce.