Visiting Hours

Check with your nurse for unit-specific guidelines.

General Visiting Guidelines

We welcome well visitors of all ages. Protect your loved one by staying home if you are sick or have recently been exposed to a contagious illness such as chicken pox, measles, mumps, pertussis (whooping cough), tuberculosis, or rubella. This helps patients avoid infections that could jeopardize their recovery.

Unit-Specific Guidelines

Labor and Delivery

  • Three visitors at a time including the father
  • Five people in the room at time of delivery including the father
  • No children under 14 years of age (siblings of baby allowed under certain circumstances)


  • Public visiting hours: Noon–2 p.m. and 6–8 p.m.
  • Baby’s father and grandparents allowed any time.
  • Baby’s brothers and sisters are welcome for 30-minute visits.
  • Limit of four people in the room at a time.
  • No children allowed under 14 years of age.