The Bountiful Clinic is now offering FREE walk-in pregnancy tests.

This service is available to:
• All Women (new and existing patients)

• With Any Insurance Plan (or even no insurance)
• No Appointment Needed

If you think you might be pregnant, we invite you to come into our office so you can know for sure.

When you arrive at the clinic let the front desk staff know you would like to be seen for a free pregnancy test. You may be asked to wait a short time until a Medical Assistant is available. A medical assistant will administer the test, and if possible, one of the OB/GYNs will provide you with the results.

Depending on the test results, we can assist you in planning the course for your prenatal care.  We can also help answer any questions. You can download a copy of the article “First Time Pregnancy Tips” from a recent edition of Healing For Life Magazine.

If the results are negative, we offer a variety of services, including fertility testing and birth control options, depending on your needs. 

Give us a call if you have any questions or just come in for your FREE pregnancy test.