Since the earliest version of Cassia Regional Hospital (formerly Cassia Regional Medical Center) first opened its doors in 1960, we have been committed to meeting healthcare needs of individuals and families in the greater Burley, Idaho, area.

Our Beginning

Originally named Cassia Memorial Hospital, the facility in Burley, Idaho, was constructed and owned by Cassia County. In 1960, the hospital opened under a management contract with the Latter-day Saints Hospitals of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

When the Church decided to give its hospitals to the communities they serve, Cassia Memorial was one of the original 15 hospitals transferred to Intermountain Healthcare in 1975. Intermountain operated the hospital under a lease and management agreement with the county.

The hospital was remodeled and expanded from 1975 to 1979, and then again in 1982, 1985, and 1988.

In June 1995, community leaders joined Intermountain representatives in opening Cassia Regional Medical Center to replace Cassia Memorial Hospital. The hospital was built at Intermountain's expense, without taxpayer dollars.

Quick Facts

  • 1960 – Cassia Memorial Hospital, owned by Cassia County, opens under a management contract with LDS Church
  • 1975 – Hospital joins the Intermountain Healthcare System
  • 1975-79 – Intermountain expands hospital
  • 1982 – Intermountain remodels and expands the hospital
  • 1985, 1988 – Intermountain further remodels
  • 1995 – Intermountain opens the new Cassia Regional Medical Center