Intermountain Foundation at Dixie Regional Medical Center supports a variety of projects

Growing Together by Giving Together - Intermountain Foundation at Dixie Regional Medical Center is currently conducting a capital campaign that supports the campus expansion currently underway at Dixie Regional Medical Center. Click the "Capital Campaign" link below to learn how you can be a part of this historic project.

Precision Cancer Genomics - In 2013, Intermountain Precision Genomics opened its doors at Dixie Regional Medical Center. This fundamental shift in disease treatment customizes each patient’s care according to individual genetic differences. This approach has been proven to increase the lifespan of late-stage cancer patients at a lower cost than traditional methods. Now this exceptional care is reaching outward from St. George, Utah, as we extend these successes to the rest of the world. 

Estate Planning Giving - An estate plan helps you meet your personal, financial, and estate planning goals by making a lifetime or testamentary charitable gift. Learn about more benefits of estate planning by clicking the Estate Planned Giving link below. 

Foundation Events - Participate in one of our fundraising events like golf tournaments, galas, and the Jubilee of Trees, and support important programs at Dixie Regional Medical Center. Click the "Foundation Events" button below to view our events.

Other Giving Opportunities

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Capital Campaign

Intermountain Foundation at Dixie Regional Medical Center is conducting a capital campaign to raise funds for hospital expansion projects at Dixie Regional Medical Center. Growing Togeter by Giving Together is an opportunity to invest in your local healthcare while impacting care around the globe.


Dixie Regional Medical Center Estate Planning

Learn about how including Dixie Regional Medical Center in your estate plan can create a lasting legacy for future generations.


Make a Donation

Contribute financially to help us fulfill our mission of helping people live the healthiest lives possible.


Foundation Events

Intermountain Foundation holds a variety of events that raise funds to help support research and programs at Intermountain hospitals that are designed to improve patient care.