A Defining Moment in Our History and in the Lives of Patients

This is our time. It is time to follow through on our original plan and time to expand upon it. Growing Together by Giving Together is our theme for this historic movement and for the milestone fundraising campaign that will help us make it a reality. We have been recognized for our leadership regionally and nationally in numerous areas of healthcare.

Now it is our turn to lead yet again, but this time we need your help. Only an extraordinary commitment of resources can bring our ambitious plan to fruition. To that end, we seek a robust philanthropic partnership with individuals near and far who share our vision. The capital campaign, Growing Together by Giving Together will seek to raise philanthropic support for the $300 million project.

This campaign is a defining moment in our history and in the history of healthcare. We are inviting those that share our vision to galvanize around us in this endeavor and we are inviting the philanthropic community to help make it happen. Only generous philanthropic support can help us perfect the template that will blaze new trails others will follow. This template will lay out the most effective and cost-effective way to beat disease, reduce side effects, minimize pain and stress, lower the cost of care, and most importantly, extend and enrich life.  

Every day, people contact Dixie Regional Medical Center from around the area, the country, and the world, always with the same question: “Can you help me?” The evidence strongly suggests that, with generous support from people like you, the answer will continue to be, “Yes, absolutely!”

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Hospital Expansion Project

Dixie Regional is adding 500,000 square feet at the River Road campus, more than doubling the size of the current hospital.


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