Using the latest Dartfish technology our certified trainers scientifically analyze the exact mechanics of how you move and then help you improve to achieve the best possible speed, endurance, and power, as well as helping you avoid injuries.

What is Dartfish?

Dartfish is a state-of-the-art computer software program that analyzes digital video using patented video technologies. Movements are recorded then captured with Dartfish, which provides immediate visual feedback for training and analysis. With SimulCam™ two separate filmed performances can be superimposed over each other into a single video for comparison purposes. StroMotion™ creates trajectory footage that breaks a rapid movement, such as running or a golf swing, into a series of still images.

How Can Dartfish Help You?

We use Dartfish to analyze several things, including:
  • Posture
  • Gait (running) analysis
  • How certain movements affect your whole body
  • How to prevent injury

In sports, the athletes that prosper are the ones that move the best in forward, backward, diagonal, and side to side movements. They have to accelerate and decelerate quickly. Sometimes they can anticipate other times they have to react. This being said, we don't care how much they can squat, hang clean, or bench press if they can't move.

Session includes Dartfish digital video analysis of your running gait and biomechanics. After the session, you will receive a detailed report with personal video clips and a set of observations and recommendations to implement for improving your speed and efficiency while running. We also provide advice on choosing shoes that fit with how you move. The cost is just $90.