Fillmore Community Hospital, formerly known as Fillmore Community Medical Center, strives for exceptional patient care and quality. We participate in several initiatives and programs to ensure quality and patient safety, and we have received several awards and distinctions as a result:

Level V Trauma Center

In January 2012, Fillmore Community Hospital received the first Level V trauma center designation in Utah. To earn Utah trauma center designation, a rural hospital must meet a stringent standard of quality care and establish a trauma response team with exceptional capabilities to assess, resuscitate, stabilize and treat, or transfer patients.

Health Insight Quality Award

Fillmore Community Hospital recently received the Health Insight Quality Award by the Health Insight organization. The hospital was chosen as one of the top three hospitals in Utah based on a variety of quality measures, including patient survey results. This is a distinct honor to receive, especially for a rural hospital.

Leadership Award for Employee Engagement

Fillmore Community Hospital received the Leadership Award for Employee Engagement from Intermountain Healthcare as the facility in the organization with the highest scores on the Gallup Survey for employees who love their work environment and those they work with.

Intermountain Healthcare Quality Awards

As a service of Intermountain Healthcare, Fillmore Community Hospital is part of the quality efforts of the organization. Intermountain has received numerous quality achievements and awards because we are fully committed to clinical research. Our focus on quality improvement helps us achieve outcomes that are among the best in the nation.