Heber Valley Hospital (formerly Heber Valley Medical Center) has been an integral part of Wasatch County since 1932.

The First Healthcare Options in Wasatch County

Robert McKnight, a Scotsman, served as the first doctor in the valley. For many years there was no hospital in the valley, and doctors visited patient homes. Pioneer medical service was often provided by ten midwives who not only helped with the delivery of children, but also helped care for patients with diseases like pneumonia and typhoid.

Establishing a Hospital

On two different occasions, Dr. H. Ray Hatch attempted to establish small hospitals. The first attempt was in the home of Lavina Murdock with four to five beds available. Another attempt was at the home of Lewis Alexander. Finally, Doctors Bert and T.A. Dannenberg began the first Heber Hospital in 1932.

In 1956 the hospital was renamed in honor of Dr. Karl O. Nielson. A newer, $900,000 Wasatch County Hospital was dedicated on May 25, 1969, with Fred W. Schloss as administrator. Newspaper articles reported that the 1969 Wasatch County Hospital’s Emergency Room would “accommodate as high as three ill or injured patients at one time!”

A Hospital for the 21st Century

Due to aging mechanical systems at the old hospital, new federal requirements for healthcare institutions, changes in medical technology and treatment, and growth in Wasatch County, Intermountain Healthcare constructed a 19-bed facility in 1999 at a cost of $7.5 million with Randall Probst as administrator. The new hospital features advanced computer systems, access to Life Flight, private inpatient rooms, a large radiology area, three operating rooms, and four LDPR rooms.