In 2017, one representative from 15 local nonprofit organizations joined together for the My Heart Challenge: Nonprofit Edition. Those organizations do so much good for the communities they serve, the My Heart Challenge gave them an opportunity to look at their own heart health.

In 2016, families came together to address many of the issues they faced in an effort to improve their heart health. Near the end of the 100-day challenge, all of the families joined in a Twilight Walk to show that being active and healthy as a family can be fun.

In 2015, moms from around the valley worked to improve their heart health for both themselves and their families. The challenge culminated in the mothers participating in a Triathamom, a race just for mothers that included swimming, running, and biking. Here's a look at the winners.

In 2014, firefighters from across Salt Lake County went head-to-head to prove which fire department could improve their heart health and physical ability through proper exercise and diet. The inaugural Play at Home version also launched, where 25 contestants from all walks of life improved diet and exercise, right along with the firefighters.

In 2013, 15 elementary school principals fought to be at the head of their class by making positive changes to their nutrition and exercise routines. They were amazing examples for all of their students.

In 2012, mayors and community leaders stepped up to the 100-day challenge during the My Heart Challenge’s inaugural year.


The previous successes of the My Heart Challenge have launched it into its seventh year with yet another group of participants - high school teachers from around Salt Lake County.