Thanks to our robust research initiative, Intermountain Medical Center can provide you and your family with the most advanced treatment possible. We are currently involved in hundreds of research efforts and clinical trials that will benefit our current and future patients.


Research is an important part of the care we deliver at Intermountain Medical Center. Our physicians and other members of the care team have access to one of the most sophisticated medical databases in the country, allowing them to look at a variety of conditions and determine what treatments are most effective.

Our research has been published in numerous peer-reviewed journals and has been accepted for presentation at various national medical conferences and scientific sessions.

Intermountain Medical Center is home to the Homer Warner Center for Medical Informatics and the Intermountain Healthcare Transformation Lab, both of which are known for innovation in healthcare delivery.

Much of the research at the hospital is funded by the Intermountain Research and Medical Foundation.


Our hospital is home to the most cutting-edge medical technology:

  • Gamma knife: used to treat brain tumors.
  • Da Vinci Robot: used for various surgical treatments, including prostate and gynecological procedures.
  • RIVA robot: Compounds liquid pharmaceuticals (IV medications).
  • Hybrid OR: A unique room that allows heart catheterization procedures and cardiovascular surgery to take place simultaneously for patients with complex heart conditions.
  • Total Artificial Heart: Intermountain Medical Center is a pioneer nationally in implanting total artificial hearts as a bridge to transplant.
  • Tomosynthesis: A 3-D imaging system for screening mammography that provides extensive detail for diagnosing or ruling out breast cancer.