Learn about the power of organ donation through the eyes of those who have first-hand experience in navigating the transplant process.

Watch stories shared during the Transplant Storytelling Festival held during National Donate Life Month 2018.

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Patient Stories

Lyneth Robin - Living Kidney

Lynneth Luna and Robin Maudlin: Living Kidney Transplant

Lynneth knew she would one day need a new kidney. Robin decided one day that she would be a living kidney donor. Their stories converged at Intermountain Medical Center when Robin donated one of her kidneys to Lynneth to give her a chance at life. Learn how this simple act brought these two women together as friends, which changed both of their lives for the better.
Finlayson - Living Liver

Gwen and Brandon Finlayson: Liver Transplant

Gwen gave her son life 37 years ago. In return, Brandon saved his mother's life by donating a portion of his liver. The transplant teams at Intermountain Medical Center even used 3-D technology to help with the life-saving surgery earlier this year. Learn how Gwen returned to doing the things she loved because of her son's early Mother's Day present.
Lorenzon-swank-snowboard-liver-hepatitis copy

Lorenzo Swank: Liver Transplant

Lorenzo Swank was diagnosed with a non-curable liver disease six years ago when he was 25. Last year, he was pretty sure he was going to die while waiting for a liver transplant. But then he was offered a diseased liver to replace his dying liver. Read how Lorenzo underwent this groundbreaking procedure - the first of its kind in the nation - that saved him from death and allowed him to return to what he loved.
Glen Buma

Glenn Buma and Paul Neff: Living Kidney Transplant

Living kidney donations offers a chance of life for the recipient, and a life-long bond between donor and recipient. Glenn knew his friend Paul needed a kidney and was willing to offer his own organ to help his friend in need. Watch the store of two friends who share a love of travel, and now a kidney.

Carson Strachan and Liz Ellsworth: Living Liver Transplant

In Carson's senior year in high school, his liver was failing and he needed a transplant. But a liver wasn't readily available. His Aunt Liz was tested and matched Carson - so months later she donated two-thirds of her liver to save her nephews life. Watch the inspirational story of family, liver and gratitude. 
DonationSavesLives copy

Dave Ericson: Liver Transplant

One organ donor can save the lives of up to eight people. Dave Ericson is one of those saved by the decision someone else made to be an organ donor. Last November, he received the gift of a donated liver, without which he would have died. 
WoosleyBrothers Kidney Transplant

The Woosley Brothers: Living Kidney Transplant

The Woolsey brothers have always been there for each other. So when one needed a kidney, the other one stepped up to the plate and gave him one of his. Watch their story and how the decision to donate a kidney to his brother is a touching example that more people should follow. 
Steven Bird Liver Transplant

Steven Bird and Adam Osmond: Liver Transplant

Adam Osmond told his mom he wanted to be an organ donor. When he passed away at 16, his liver was given to Steven Bird, offering him the gift of life. But what is that decision like to donate a loved one's organs? Adam's mom, Lisa Osmond, met Steven months after the transplant and are now "an extended family." Watch their inspiring story of how the decision to be an organ donor impacted the life of two families for years to come.