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When it comes to your family's health, our caregivers offer comprehensive care. We meet the healthcare needs of all ages, and we're dedicated to treating the whole person. We're thrilled to announce a the opening of the Intermountain Layton Parkway Clinic. This addition improves our delivery of care and helps more people live the healthiest lives possible. Our new facility features state of-the-art equipment and design to support patient care and involvement, and provides a healing environment that further enhances our ability to provide extraordinary care.

Inside the Layton Parkway Clinic you will find:

  • Layton Parkway InstaCare
  • Layton Parkway ENT
  • Layton Parkway Foot and Ankle
  • Intermountain Cancer Center at Layton Parkway
  • Intermountain Orthopedic and Sports Medicine – Layton Parkway
  • Layton Parkway Women's Health
  • Layton Parkway Sleep Center
  • Layton Parkway Gastroenterology
  • McKay-Dee Cardiology at Layton Parkway
  • Northern Utah Pediatrics

Please call 801-543-6950 for more details and department availability.

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Layton Parkway InstaCare Now Open

Layton Parkway InstaCare is now open! All other Davis County InstaCare locations are closed.


Intermountain Layton Hospital

Layton Parkway Clinic is proud to be a part of Intermountain Layton Hospital. This beautiful, new, advanced community hospital has surgical services, labor & delivery, emergency services, and more. Learn more about Layton Hospital and its services.

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