On a rainy day in April of this year, I traveled to Layton from my home in New Hampshire for an interview and tour of Layton Hospital.  As I put on my hard hat and vest over my interview clothes, I was filled with a sense of excitement.  What I saw and heard that day far exceeded my expectations.  The vision for the practice aligned perfectly with my approach to clinical care and the design of the hospital was extraordinary.  As I said to my husband later that day, “I was all-in even before I could see those amazing mountains.”


I completed my medical training at Dartmouth Medical School (now Geisel School of Medicine) in Hanover, NH and graduated in 2002.  From there I went on to residency training in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Rochester in Rochester, NY.  I practiced in Rochester for 6 years after residency and then moved back to New Hampshire for another 6 years of clinical practice.

My interest in OB/GYN started even before medical school when I worked in a women’s health clinic. In medical school my interest continued, and I knew that OB/GYN would be the best fit for me.

I continue to be grateful for the privilege of providing healthcare to women from adolescence to menopause.  Each patient brings with her a unique story and health concerns, and it is my job to meet my patients where they are.  What I’ve found over the years is that my greatest tools are my ears.  If you are quiet and listen, patients will tell you what they need.  It is in this partnership that healing and health promotion can take place.

Particular interests of mine include evaluation and management of menstrual disorders, substance use disorders (particularly as they affect pregnant women), vulvar pain disorders, contraception and mental health disorders.  In addition, there is nothing more satisfying than providing obstetric care and welcoming babies into this world!

I am delighted to be working with midwives in this clinic; I’ve worked with midwives for my entire career.  This collaborative model of practice has advantages for our patients and our providers.  We learn from (and with) each other with the goal of providing seamless, integrated care.


My family and I are loving our new life here in Utah.  We have found our community in Kaysville to be extraordinarily welcoming. My husband and son are avid snowboarders and golfers and couldn’t imagine a better place to pursue both.  In my free time I enjoy cooking spicy food, going to concerts, hiking and reading. 

The mission statement of Intermountain Healthcare resonates with me. “Helping people live the healthiest lives possible.”  I commit wholeheartedly to this statement and look forward to collaborating with my patients to make this a reality.