The LDS Hospital Total Joint Replacement Seminar for knee and hip replacement patients is offered every Thursday from 4:00 - 5:00 p.m. in the Joint Center (7th floor, west side of building). All patients scheduled for joint replacement surgery are encouraged to attend, as well as their caregivers or "partner(s) in healing" who will help the patient at home following surgery.

Seminar Agenda

We know that patients who receive pre-operative education have better experiences while being in the hospital. Patients who engage in pre-operative education have less anxiety, shorter hospital stays, and better results/outcomes after surgery.

In our seminar we cover:

  • Welcome to LDS Hospital
  • Understanding quality of life and why joint replacement
  • Your role as a patient
  • Your partners in healing
  • Understanding joint replacement
  • Before surgery
    • Exercises
    • Starting your recovery plan
    • Preparing your home
    • What to pack
    • Registration
    • Nurse call
    • Our campus
  • Day of surgery & hospital stay
    • Pre-surgical area
    • Intra-operative pain management
    • Family waiting area
    • Recovery room
    • Joint replacement unit
    • Therapy schedule
    • Be safe
    • Communication, goals & expectations
    • Post-operative pain management
  • Preventing complications
    • Constipation
    • Nausea
    • Preventing blood clots
    • Physical therapy
    • Occupational therapy
    • Discharge planning

There will be plenty of time for questions at the end of the presentation.

Attend this seminar in person ...

If you would like to attend our Pre-Operative Seminar in person at LDS Hospital, you can register by calling 801-408-8581. The class is held on the 7th Floor (west side of the building), in the West 7 Conference Room.

Attend via webinar ...

If you're interested in attending the Pre-Operative Seminar remotely via our webinar, you can register online by following one of the links below, or you may call 801-408-8581 to register over the phone.

Pre-recorded Webinar

We strongly encourage you to sign-up for a live seminar, however we understand that sometimes that isn't possible. If you're unable to make it to a scheduled seminar, please take the time to watch this pre-recorded version.

If you have questions after watching this recording please feel free to reach out to our Total Joint Specialty Care Coordinator by calling 801-408-8581.