Selecting the right maternity care provider can make a difference in your overall birth plan, and makes a difference in the care you receive. LDS Hospital providers work with pregnant women to ensure their birth plan is carried out to the best of their abilities, and the birth setting and treatment given provides a beautiful experience. Taking time early in your pregnancy to meet with our obstetricians can help you understand what to expect, and how you will be cared for at LDS Hospital.

What to Expect

Our maternity care department works hard to provide patients with care that is consistent with safety, effectiveness, and research on safety. Our serene delivery rooms are designed to provide support to enhance the birthing experience. Patients receive individualized care that considers their personal needs and the needs of the unborn child.

While the vast majority of women are able to enter pregnancy healthy, there are some that need additional care. We provide maternal fetal medicine services in the facility to provide women with the care they need should a serious issue arise. We are skilled in handling high-risk pregnancies, and can provide services for infants in distress as well.

The Delivery Room

At LDS Hospital we have 33 newly remodeled maternity rooms, some with large jetted tubs to aid in the laboring process. The maternity rooms are located close to a newly remodeled well-baby nursery.

Maternity care patients will be able to stay in the rooms for the allotted time agreed upon by their physician and insurance needs. We work hard to make the environment comfortable for women following delivery. Each room includes the following:

  • Soft lighting, rich wood, and fully furnished
  • Private bath
  • Equipment to examine both mother and child privately in the room
  • Hair dryers
  • Soft sofa that pulls into a sleeper bed for a partner to sleep
  • Waiting alcove for friends and family
  • Menu with room service for three meals a day

Following delivery, mothers will receive plenty of care and attention from our nursing team and physicians. We have all the necessary equipment and information in each room to do complete assessments of both patients to ensure both are in proper health. Nurses are available for mothers both day and night to provide answers to questions and offer medical services as needed. Contact LDS Hospital to learn more about our maternity care department.

Maternity Care at LDS Hospital

LDS Hospital Labor and Delivery

Open today: 24 hours
4th Floor, Take main elevators to the 4th floor. Located on East-4. Secured unit, ring door bell for service.

LDS Hospital Maternity

Open today: 24 hours
4th Floor, Take main elevators to the 4th floor. Maternity is located on West-4.