The mission of LDS Hospital's Maternal-Fetal Medicine Center is to provide state-of-the-art care during high-risk pregnancies, making sure mothers are healthy and ensuring the best possible outcome for their babies, before the babies are born. We provide sophisticated care for pregnant women with obstetrical, medical, and surgical complications — including diabetes and heart disease. 

The unit is also a center of education and research where physicians receive training from world-renowned physicians and where patients have the chance to participate in ground-breaking studies that help all women have successful pregnancies.

Our Staff

  • Our staff has special expertise in prenatal testing. Along with full-time genetic counselors and a certified geneticist, they provide state-of-the art prenatal screening and use specialized diagnostic techniques, many of which they helped to develop.
  • We have an experienced team with expertise in advanced aspects of maternal-fetal medicine. Our team is part of a large research center that participates in some of the most important maternal-fetal studies in progress.

Our Services

  • We provide consultations and prenatal care for pregnant women with medical, surgical, or obstetric complications.
  • Women with normal or high risk pregnancies come here for screening using state-of the art diagnostic ultrasound, antenatal tests of fetal well-being, genetic counseling, and a variety of screening and monitoring tests for high-risk pregnancies.
  • We screen for abnormalities in the fetus and placenta, and provide treatment when available.
  • Our specially trained genetic counselors assess babies for their individual risks of inherited disease and advise parents about risk factors and potential treatment options. These counselors also help families connect to community resources and support groups.
  • Women with high risk pregnancies may also be screened and enrolled in numerous research studies that are currently underway.
  • Our maternal-fetal medicine staff cares for roughly 17,500 patients per year, many of whom come to satellite clinics in Salt Lake.

The majority of mothers who come into the maternal fetal medicine center eventually have successful pregnancies with normal, healthy babies.

Maternal Fetal Medicine at LDS Hospital

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