When you have a baby at LDS Hospital, you’ll go to a private room in the maternity unit where we'll help both mom and baby prepare for the transition home.

We have 33 newly remodeled maternity rooms and one centralized and newly remodeled well-baby nursery.

What you’ll find in your room

  • Each room is furnished in rich wood with soft lighting.
  • You’ll find a private bath, equipment in each room so the baby’s physician can examine the baby in your room.
  • You’ll find hair dryers for your convenience and a soft sofa, which can make into a bed for dad to sleep over.
  • There is also a waiting alcove for family and friends.
  • We provide a menu and room service meal delivery for your enjoyment.

We'll take care of you

After delivery, new moms can rest and recover while receiving all the necessary information and education on the care needed for mom and baby. Your nurse will be available when you need her to answer any questions or concerns you might have. 

We also offer a complimentary meal from our room service menu for mom and dad to share, and a complimentary plush robe for mom to keep. 

Maternity Care at LDS Hospital

LDS Hospital Labor and Delivery

Open today: 24 hours
4th Floor, Take main elevators to the 4th floor. Located on East-4. Secured unit, ring door bell for service.

LDS Hospital Maternity

Open today: 24 hours
4th Floor, Take main elevators to the 4th floor. Maternity is located on West-4.