Not just any midwife can provide care in our hospital. All of our certified nurse midwives are registered nurses with years of specialized training and a masters degree in nurse-midwifery. Each have met national certification requirements, including a national board examination and have met Utah's healthcare provider licensing requirements. 

All of the CNMs in our practice are licensed as RNs and CNMs with prescriptive practice. In our practice, we have established mechanisms for consultation, collaboration and referral with the Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists for LDS Hospital. We work closely with our consultant physicians in the identification and management of any unusual or high-risk pregnancy complications.

Where will I have my baby if I come to see the Intermountain Nurse-Midwives?

Some people assume that CNMs deliver babies at home, but that is not the case in Utah. We have privileges for birth attendance at LDS Hospital where we have been delivering babies since 1988. We feel that the nursing staff at LDS Hospital is very supportive of the philosophy of midwifery care while providing the highest level of medical care available in the region.

Certified nurse midwives offer a free consultation visit that gives you an opportunity to meet with one of the providers for further information and to ask questions. They also offer free pregnancy tests with no appointment. 

Nurse Midwifery at LDS Hospital

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