The Special Care Nursery houses babies who need more one-on-one medical attention than babies in the well-baby nursery but who aren’t sick enough to be in the ICU.

Our newly remodeled nursery consists of: 

  • A 12-bed unit with beautiful and spacious private rooms for babies and families.
  • Large exterior windows that give rooms natural light and beautiful views of the surrounding foothills.
  • Private rooms, without charge, for mothers who are discharged before their babies are ready to go home. These are for parents who are preparing to take a baby home on monitors and oxygen. Also used for mothers trying to establish breast-feeding with their Special Care Nursery babies.

Our team

We are a team of specialized caregivers focused on individualized care of infants and their families.

  • Neonatal nurse practitioners are located in-house, 24/7.
  • We attend all high-risk deliveries where infants might require resuscitation.
  • Our nurses do the first assessment on all infants born at LDSH and help parents learn the miracle of their new baby.
  • We care for premature infants born up to two months early.
  • We are called to help with deliveries that might occur off the Labor and Delivery floor, such as Emergency Room, Operating Room and even in the Entrance Hall!
  • We work with parents to involve them in the care of their baby.
  • We provide information to parents about their infant’s health and safety.
  • We offer specialized lactation support for breast-feeding mothers.

Special Care Nursery at LDS Hospital

LDS Hospital Labor and Delivery

Open today: 24 hours
4th Floor, Take main elevators to the 4th floor. Located on East-4. Secured unit, ring door bell for service.

LDS Hospital Special Care Nursery

Open today: 24 hours
4th Floor, Take main elevators to the 4th floor. The Special Care Nursery is located inside Labor & Delivery.