Intermountian Pain Management Services

Helping you manage chronic and acute pain

Intermountain’s Pain Management Services provide holistic support for patients with pain—no matter the source. Our team helps you find the root cause of your pain and manage it using many different resources.

Comprehensive Pain Management

Bio-Psycho-Social Model

Opioid-Free Options

Patient-Centered Care

Pain Management Programs

Pain Management Services

A Care Team Centered Around You


Your Anesthesiologists plays a key role in your journey.

An anesthesiologist administers anesthesia, the medication that puts you to sleep, and pain medication during surgery.

Pain Specialty Nurses

Your Pain Specialty Nurses plays a key role in your journey.

Pain specialty nurses support pain management physicians by administering treatments.

Physical Therapists

Your Physical Therapists plays a key role in your journey.

Physical therapists provide exercises to patients to reduce pain, increase range of motion, and support injury recovery.


Your Physiologists plays a key role in your journey.

Physiologists work on your pain management team to diagnose and treat medical conditions that cause pain.


Your Psychologists plays a key role in your journey.

A psychologist works with a patient by helping them understand the root cause of their pain, how to modify their lifestyle, and how to manage pain through treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy.

Referring Providers

Intermountain’s pain management specialists approach patient pain through the bio-psycho-social model, looking at all aspects of a pain journey and the root causes. We have top providers in the region that are best suited to treat pain and monitor medications, with opioids only being used as a last resort. We touch all departments in the hospital and work with a range of providers to create the best outcomes. It’s critical to get ahead of pain before opioids are prescribed; your patients are in caring hands with Intermountain pain specialists.

Expanded Care

Intermountain Healthcare offers expanded services outside the hospital including Telehealth, Genomics, and Homecare. Within Intermountain’s continuum of care, these services play a key role in allowing patients to receive the best care possible in a variety of settings and circumstances.


High quality care for patients, no matter where they are.

Bringing Specialists to our Community

We use telehealth technology to bring specialty knowledge to clinical teams, and provide access to care when, where, and how our patients need it.  

Keeping Patients Close to Home

Intermountain Telehealth brings Intermountain’s world-class experts to patients, no matter where they are, so they can receive the right care, in the right place, at the right time.