Wellness Programs

Logan Regional Hospital can assist you in implementing a wellness program for your company.

General Health Screenings

Choose from individual health screenings or health screening packages designed to meet you or your company's needs. Health screenings are available at your worksite or at Logan Regional Hospital.

Consultation and Training

Call us for any questions about consultation and training.
  • Back School: This course teaches back-injury prevention and treatment. Includes lecture, demonstration, exercises, and a workbook for each participant.
  • Neck School: This course is the same as the back school with a focus on the neck.
  • Repetitive Motion Injury School: This course is the same as the back and neck schools, with a focus on high-risk repetitive motion injury areas such as carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Industrial Audiometric (Hearing): Includes tests for hearing loss and changes in hearing level, as well as instruction on prevention of hearing loss (meets all OSHA requirements). Options include employee baseline hearing tests and retests, and on-site noise surveys.
  • Job-site Evaluation of Work Stations and Body Mechanics: Includes employee screenings and review of the work place to determine if activities are causing injury. Includes suggestions for prevention of injuries.