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Speed and Strength

14 Sessions / Twice per week

Includes speed-treadmill training, plyometric & agility (foot speed and reaction time) drills, power sled mills, bodyweight and external weight strength training. Sport specific programs geared toward each athlete. Sessions are one hour.


Mini Speed and Strength

 8 Sessions / Twice per week

Program is same as Speed and Strength, just condensed into four weeks instead of seven. Sessions are one hour.


Speed Only

8 Sessions / Twice per week

Speed treadmill training. Plyometric, agility, and power drills. Corrective exercises to focus on proper running form and increasing overall speed. Sessions are 30 minutes.


Strength Only

16 Sessions / 2-3 times per week

Sport-specific strength training. Great for off-season and pre-season training to increase strength and size. Sessions are 30-45 minutes.


Pre-Return to Play

8 Sessions / Twice a week 

Post rehab designed to prepare athletes for our Return to Play program. Must meet certain standards of ground base agility drills, plyometric drills, treadmill running, and strength training. *Must have physical therapist or physician approval to participate. Cannot be billed through insurance. May bypass and go straight to Return to Play with physical therapist or physician approval. 

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Return to Play

24 Sessions / Three times per week

Post rehab program to get you returning to play after a season ending injury. Individual strength, speed, agility, power, endurance, and reaction time training. *This program can be billed through insurance and must have a physical therapist or physician approval to participate. Sessions are 45-60 minutes. 

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Ski and Snowboard Training

14 Sessions / Twice per week

Program to get you ready for ski season. Exercises focus on quad and hamstring strength along with endurance exercises. Circuit and weight program included for upper and lower body overall strength.


Xross Program

Unlimited sessions for a monthly fee

Circuit training program working on an overall healthy body. Improves cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, power, coordination, balance, and flexibility. Sessions are 45-60 minutes.

                  *Only available in the morning.


Group Sessions

Speed & Strength, Speed Only, or Strength Only Programs available for groups

Athletes must come at scheduled time of group. There are no make-up days.

*Group deposit must be paid to hold spot. Please call for availability and deposit pricing.