Logan Regional Sports Performance Training’s ACL Return to Play Program bridges the gap between physical therapy and an athlete regaining functional independence. The Return to Play program is broken down into three phases with eight visits in each phase.  Each phase of the program progressively gets more challenging and is customized to each athlete.

Athletes will utilize forward and harnessed retro treadmill running, Airdyne Bikes, Concept 2 Rower, and traditional weight training techniques to aid in the recovery/strength process.

ACL Return to Play carefully monitors and evaluates key measurements, including:

  • Strength
  • Flexibility or Range of Motion 
  • Stability
  • Mobility
  • Power

Along with these key measurements, we also test, teach, and train:

  • Correct running form and technique
  • Proper weight lifting technique
  • Agility

We work closely with our physical therapists and physicians to ensure each athlete receives optimal care and maximal results. With our ACL Return to Play program, athletes will be well on their way to a full recovery.