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All Classes and Events at McKay-Dee Hospital


Learning to Breathe, Mindfulness for Teen Girls - McKay-Dee Hospital

1 Occurrence

Learning to Breathe is a 6 week class for adolescents to assist with breathing techniques to cultivate emotions, assist in stress management, and provide an introduction to mindfulness techniques.


Childbirth Preparation Classes Held Twice a Week - Tues and Wed - McKay-Dee Hospital

1 Occurrence

The Childbirth Preparation class is taught by a Registered Nurse.  In this class you'll learn about pregnancy changes, pain management options, breathing and relaxation, labor and delivery, infant feeding options, postpartum adjustments and newborn care. A tour of Labor and Delivery area is included.


Birth Basics Online

1 Occurrence


Intermountain Healthcare Birth Basics Online offers anytime, anywhere education powered by YoMingo®, a program designed to give you convenient access to valuable community health information. It includes the tools and support you need at every stage of your maternity healthcare journey.

Online education is a convenient alternative for expectant parents who cannot attend a conventional prepared childbirth class due to bed rest, scheduling conflicts, or time constraints. It is also useful as a refresher course for repeat parents