Our purpose is to support McKay-Dee Hospital by providing resources to meet community needs, ensuring the availability of quality healthcare today and tomorrow. 

Our Team

Richard Taylor
Regional Chief Development Officer, North Region
Lisa Maxwell

Major/Planned Gifts Director

Noellee Shaw

Foundation Specialist

Michelle Darrington

Foundation Specialist

Pat Carlsen

Community Development Board

  • Cindy Kunz, Chair
  • H. Dewayne Ashmead, MD
  • Stewart E. Barlow, MD
  • Ruth Brockman
  • Blake Burrell
  • Thomas D. Dee, III
  • Kay Hardy
  • James C. Hoellein
  • Karen Leonardi
  • Kimberly Maguire
  • Mike Meyer
  • Shaun Myers
  • Timothy T. Pehrson
  • Janet Silotti
  • Erich Sontag
  • Richard E. Taylor
  • Timothy Trask, MD
  • Craig Umbrell
  • Dick Webber
  • Kathy Wood