Our Purpose

Intermountain Foundation at McKay-Dee Hospital aims to support McKay-Dee Hospital by providing resources to meet community needs, ensuring the availability of quality healthcare today and tomorrow. The hallmark of our foundation is to be good stewards of donor funds, which means fulfilling donor desires to make the greatest impact by helping us provide exceptional equipment, programs, and education to enhance patient care and community wellness.


What We Support

The Intermountain Foundation at McKay-Dee Hospital provides support for a variety of programs focused on improving patient care and improving community health.

Staff and Board Members

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Annie Taylor Dee's Lasting Influence

In 1910, Annie Taylor Dee's tragic misfortune became the catalyst for quality healthcare in the community of Ogden. Annie's husband and son both passed away because healthcare in Ogden was almost non-existent. Annie was determined that others would not suffer the same fate. Her determined spirit and with the help of others in the community, opened a hospital with medical services to the Ogden community.

In 1969, a new, larger, and more technologically advanced hospital opened. A partnership was formed when The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints joined the Dee family by offering financial support through ecumenical philanthropy. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' President at the time was named David O. McKay. His name, along with the Dee family name, created a new name for the hospital. McKay-Dee Hospital Center opened its doors to provide care to the community of Ogden. The McKay-Dee Hospital Foundation was also established with the opening of the new hospital. Working to ensure the continued success of McKay-Dee Hospital, and the health of the community, the foundation continues to fulfill the vision started so long ago by Annie Taylor Dee.

Today, Intermountain Foundation at McKay-Dee Hospital continues to support McKay-Dee Hospital through fundraising activities. Following in the philanthropic footsteps of Annie Taylor Dee, our donors continue to give generously to ensure that our community continues to have access to state-of-the-art facilities with the high quality care. Since its beginnings, Intermountain Foundation at McKay-Dee Hospital has raised funds for hospital equipment, programs and services, special projects, and education.