Understanding Your Diagnosis

At the Intermountain Cancer Education Center at McKay-Be Hospital, we are dedicated to providing cancer patients and their families with an understanding of their diagnosis, their treatment options and to answering any questions they may have. Regardless of the diagnosis, cancer patients and their families can and should be provided with the peace of mind that comes from being well informed.

When someone is battling a serious illness such as cancer, it’s important to know enough about the disease and the treatment to communicate with your healthcare team. Our Cancer Education Center is available to help people find effective communization tools, the best answers to questions, the most recent information about cancer, which clinical trials are going on and how a person can help him- or herself or a loved one who has cancer.

Cancer Education

We are dedicated to give our patients access to the best information from oncologists and cancer experts around the world. Our Health Educators are willing and available to help find the facts about cancer. Here, a person can discover the signs and symptoms of cancer, risk factors and whether or not a family may be at risk for cancer.

Our Cancer Education Center is open to the public as well as Intermountain cancer patients and families. No matter what stage a person is in, or if someone just wants to know more about cancer, our health educators can provide the best, most current information available.

Education Materials

Education materials in English and Spanish are available in a variety of media forms and can be borrowed and mailed to your home, free of charge, through the lending library.

For hours and contact information of the Intermountain Cancer Education Center at McKay-Dee Hospital.