At McKay-Dee Hospital we offer a wide variety of support services for cancer patients. Our cancer support coordinators and Patient Navigator are available to help guide you through this difficult time. Cancer support groups, cancer treatment resources and the Cancer Education Center at McKay-Dee Hospital are all available to our patients and their family members at no cost.

The McKay-Dee Hospital Cancer Center is dedicated to helping each patient understand his or her individual treatment plan, find financial assistance, create a home health care plan, coordinate treatments and feel at ease about the entire treatment process. We work closely with social workers, Nurse Case Managers and patient navigators to ensure the best quality support services.

Patients may contact our cancer support services staff with any questions, concerns or troubles they may have with their cancer treatment.


Cancer Support Group

Our cancer support group offers patients and their families the opportunity to learn how to deal with the ups and downs of cancer.


Nurse Case Manager

Our Nurse Case Manager ensures the absolute best care for each patient.


Patient Navigator

Our American Cancer Society Patient Navigator guides patients through the emotional ups and downs of cancer treatment and all other needed help.