At McKay-Dee Hospital Cancer Center, we provide a Nurse Case Manager to ensure the best care for each patient. This person coordinates everything from insurance verification to social work to treatment, depending on each patient’s needs.

Personalized care

Our Nurse Case Manager makes sure the patient is well taken care of. If his or her insurance requires verification before services are performed the Nurse Case Manager is involved in making sure it happens as quickly as possible. This person will also check in with the patient from time to time to make sure everything is going well with treatment and home care.

The Nurse Case Manager will check to see that the length of a patient’s stay closely matches the diagnosis and treatment. If a patient is being discharged too early or kept much longer than necessary, the patient’s recovery time and level of health could be adversely affected. The Nurse Case Manager also makes sure the individual is doing well emotionally. If not, the case manager can refer the patient to a social worker.