A patient’s cancer treatment plan, a detailed outline of the steps for cancer treatment, may involve several different types of treatment. Very rarely will two patients have the same plan because each cancer patient is unique. At the Cancer Center, we use advanced technology to determine what will work best for each individual and perform multiple quality assurance tests before a first treatment is ever given.

Latest technology in treatments

At McKay-Dee Hospital, we provide the latest technology to ensure the best cancer treatment available. Our board-certified Medical Dosimetrists (a person who plans and calculates the proper radiation dose for treatment) may create several treatment plans for the oncologists to review before deciding on one that best fits the patient. The extent and length of treatment varies from patient to patient. We plan according to the individual patient’s needs and health. An individual’s cancer treatment could involve only one type of treatment (ie. Brachytherapy, radiation therapy, chemotherapy or surgery) or it could involve any combination.

If a cancer treatment plan involves multiple types, our healthcare specialists coordinate with each other to ensure the patient receives proper dosage, treatment time windows and support services. Recovery is our top priority and each cancer treatment plan is created with that in mind.

Our specialists are available to both execute the best cancer treatment possible and to make sure each patient understands his or her plan.

Cancer Treatments We Offer


Cancer Surgery

Surgery is used to treat cancer for preventive, diagnostic, and curative purposes.



Chemotherapy is the use of anticancer drugs to treat cancerous cells. 

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Hospice and Palliative Care

Hospice and palliative care offers relief from illness-related pain and stress.



Nutrition services include weight management, sports nutrition, and diabetic diets.


Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy uses X-rays or forms of radiation to treat disease.