Chemotherapy in Your Cancer Treatment Plan

At the McKay-Dee Hospital Cancer Center, our skilled caregivers utilize the latest proven technology to provide excellent chemotherapy and medical oncology treatment. We use a variety of drugs to create the best medical oncology treatment for each patient. Our physicians have the research and practical experience to give each individual the best opportunity to beat cancer.

Our chemotherapy physicians work closely with the surgical and radiation physicians in order to find the best solution for each person’s cancer treatment. This team approach leads to a better chance at survival while reducing the side effects and emotional burden of cancer treatment.

Chemotherapy or medical oncology treatment can vary greatly in terms of intensity, drugs used and side effects. The kind of chemotherapy used will depend on other treatments being utilized as well as the patient’s individual needs. Some chemotherapy treatments are developed for specific types or stages of cancer and will be considered when appropriate. If you have questions or concerns about your chemotherapy treatment it’s important to address them with your physicians. McKay-Dee Hospital’s Cancer Education Center is also available to help you find answers.